As the college is fully Govt. aided the teachers of the college are governed by UGC Professional Code of Ethics enumerated in “UGC Regulations on Minimum Qualifications for Appointment of Teachers and Other Academic Staff in Universities and Colleges and Measures for the Maintenance of Standards in Higher Education, 2018”, published on the UGC website on 20/03/2018. The relevant clause (17.0) in page No. 96 excerpted from the Extraordinary Gazette of India No. 271, dated 18/07/18 is appended herewith.



  1. The Principal counts upon the cooperation of all students and their parents/guardians in the matter of strict observance of the rules of academic discipline, so as to build up and keep alive an atmosphere conducive to real education.
  2. Admission to the College means an implicit agreement to abide by the rules of discipline framed by the College authority.
  3. A sense of corporate life and respect for the teachers together with an unwavering devotion to the traditions of the College are expected from all students.
  4. The College expects each student to:
    1. be well mannered and polite in his/her behaviour,
    2. conduct himself / herself in a manner that evinces regard and concern for the welfare and rights of the other members of the College community, and
    3. conduct himself / herself in a manner that reflects self-respect as a person and a student of Jawaharlal Nehru College, Pasighat, the premier institute of Arunachal Pradesh.
  5. Students should be mutually respectful to their fellow students, teachers and members of the College staff.
  6. Students should be careful not to disturb those studying or working in the class rooms, Library or College office by observing strict silence, to instil a feeling of his/her presence in the temple of learning.
  7. Students should conduct themselves during all College functions and extra-curricular activities in a manner befitting the occasion.
  8. Students should be helpful and polite to guests and visitors to the College. All guests and visitors should be assisted in whatever way possible.
  9. Students should conduct themselves during examination in a manner that reflects the highest personal ethics and also regards for the rights of their fellow students.
  10. Any breach of discipline causing disturbance in the examination halls and any use of unfair means during examinations will be severely punished.
  11. Students must not enter the class or Principal’s chamber without prior permission from the teachers/ Principal.
  12. Students must help the College authority to keep the College clean, and not deface the College buildings and property by spitting, slogan writing or pasting posters.
  13. Designated notice boards have been provided for putting up circulars and posters. Students must desist from pasting or writing anything on the walls/doors/windows, other than the designated spaces.
  14. Students should look for all necessary information in the Notice Board every day.
  15. Students who require a certificate or any document from the College office must submit an application to the Head Assistant or the Academic Branch at least two working days before the date, on which they require the same.
  16. Smoking and/or use of Tobacco and Tobacco products, gutka, Alcoholic drinks and Mobile Phones are strictly prohibited.
  17. Dress code: Students are required to wear dresses reflecting all manners of decency and etiquette. A committee appointed by the Principal shall ensure the implementation of the dress code.


  1. Exhibiting utmost loyalty to the institution through punctuality and dutifulness.
  2. Institutionalizing professional integrity and honesty both in words and actions.
  3. Maintaining professional rapport with students and staff.
  4. Being supportive and kind to the college community as a whole.
  5. Showing zeal for development of professional competence.
  6. Exhibiting extreme confidentiality in official matters.
  7. Visualising in wider perspective for the development of the society as a whole.
  8. He / she must respect the hierarchy in administration.
  9. He /she should adhere strictly to the office hours and must dress decently and appropriately.
  10. He/she must not allow anybody to perform official duties on his/her behalf.
  11. Ideally he/she should set perfect examples for others to emulate as a Govt. servant.